Garth's Eclectic Collection of Physics-Related Quotations

I enjoy reading `hard' genre of science fiction novels. Generally speaking, these are not ones in which the future is not merely used as a backdrop for `space opera' or `shoot-em-up' type themes. Rather, these are novels where the author has used the futuristic setting as an opportunity to extrapolate his considerable knowledge of science (usually physics) to what laws we might know, or devices we might use, in the future.

The following is a collection of what I consider to be examples of the best, or most interesting, use of physics laws or theories. Use these quotations as a guide for choosing which novels you would most like to read. Most of them come from science-fiction novels, but others (most notably Umberto Eco's ``Foucault's Pendulum'') have nothing to do with science fiction. I am looking for more quotations to expand my collection, so if you have some suggested addition, please let me know. All of the following come highly recommended.

Comments and additions are welcome:

Classical Mechanics:


Nuclear Physics:

Plasma Physics:

Particle Physics:

Special Relativity:

General Relativity/Astrophysics:

Quantum Gravity:

Extra Dimensions:

Grand Unified Theory:

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