Garth's Hall of 20th Century Architecture

Back when I was in Grade 9, I wanted to become an Architect. While my interests eventually leaned towards physics, I have always kept a keen interest in architecture because this subject combines some of the technical aspects of physics with the esthetics of art, which I also love (I do some amateur painting and drawing).

This site is a collection of examples of buildings or architects that I find interesting. Many of them are justly famous, and you can find lots of additional information about them on the web. However, since this collection represents primarily my interests, it is not exhaustive, and may contain examples of things which are off the beaten track. Those who desire a more in depth architectural collection are referred to M.A. Sullivan's Digital Imaging Project at Bluffton College, USA.

I hope that you enjoy this collection. If you have any suggestions for things that I should cover, or if you can provide sources of additional information, please let me know.

Please note that this site is still under construction.

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